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Custom Coffee Wedding Favors

A couple’s wedding day should be beautiful. Every detail a thoughtful piece of a whole day devoted to celebrating the couple’s love. Now Seeker Coffee has the perfect gift to give the guests who will help celebrate that day like no other: custom-roasted, custom-labeled coffee wedding favors. 

Coffee wedding favors sitting in a bowl

The happy couple can now pick the particular coffee and the level of roast that they want to share with their guests. Each two ounce bag of your custom-roasted coffee will be hand-stamped with your...

The 2 Easiest Things You Can Do to Up Your Coffee Game

The 2 Easiest Things You Can Do to Up Your Coffee Game

Finding your perfect cup of coffee is a serious pursuit. There are so many different coffees to try, growing regions to explore, brewing methods to experiment with, and on and on the list goes. Some of the things you can do will have a very small return compared to the investment.

Decaf Coffee Drinkers are NOT Second Class Citizens in the World of Seeker Coffee

"Do you have any deactivated coffee?"

This was a comment we got on a post from pretty early on. Obviously, autocorrect failed this person, but the question was clear, and they weren't the only one asking: "do you have any decaf?"

For quite a while the answer was no. But eventually, we couldn't ignore the question, and so we decided we would add a decaf coffee to the mix.

Then we thought about it more. And the more we thought about it, the more we didn't like how we were handling this situation. The more we looked...

Roast Levels and How They Affect Flavor

Roast Levels and How They Affect Flavor

One of the things that confused me the most when getting into the world of coffee was roast levels. Specifically, how light or dark has a coffee been roasted. Every coffee company seems to have their own standard and none of them seem to match. Usually the same terms are used to describe the roast level: light, medium, dark, and combinations of the three, but rarely are they applied in the same way.

Local Delivery Now Available in Live Oak and Lake City

Remember the good old days when the milk man would make deliveries right to your front door? Yeah, me neither. But we're bringing it back!