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Decaf Coffee Drinkers are NOT Second Class Citizens in the World of Seeker Coffee

"Do you have any deactivated coffee?"

This was a comment we got on a post from pretty early on. Obviously, autocorrect failed this person, but the question was clear, and they weren't the only one asking: "do you have any decaf?"

For quite a while the answer was no. But eventually, we couldn't ignore the question, and so we decided we would add a decaf coffee to the mix.

Then we thought about it more. And the more we thought about it, the more we didn't like how we were handling this situation. The more we looked at other roasters and the coffee drinking world as a whole, the more we realized that having a decaf option was just an after thought. It was something coffee roasters offered because they knew a few people were going to ask and they wanted to be able to answer, "yes."

But Seeker Coffee is about exploring the coffee world! So why should we limit that experience for people who can only drink decaf? Decaf drinkers are coffee drinkers and they should be able to explore the world of coffee the same as their caffeinated brothers and sisters.

So, we're very pleased to announce that over the coming two weeks, we'll be adding not one, not two, but three new decaffeinated coffees to our lineup. We'll have a Rwandan, an El Salvadorian, and a Guatemalan. They'll bring a variety of roast levels and a variety of flavors to an often overlooked group of coffee drinkers, and we hope you'll enjoy.

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