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The 2 Easiest Things You Can Do to Up Your Coffee Game

Finding your perfect cup of coffee is a serious pursuit. There are so many different coffees to try, growing regions to explore, brewing methods to experiment with, and on and on the list goes. Some of the things you can do will have a very small return compared to the investment. For instance, you could do blind taste tests after brewing the same coffee but using a range of water temperatures. Then you could graph out tasting scores for each versus the temperature of the brew. At the end of the day that's a lot of work for what's likely a very small improvement in your cup. So, these are the two easiest things you can do that will improve your coffee experience the most.

1) Buy freshly roasted coffee.

Remember the last time corn was in season and it had just arrived at the grocery store? The sweetness seems palpable. The texture is amazing. The flavors explode with each bite. Compare that to corn that is grown and harvested out of season. By the time it finishes its journey to your store, all of that has changed. Maybe corn isn't your favorite, but with any crop, freshness matters. Coffee is no different. It is a crop, and fresh coffee compared to stale coffee is just as different as fresh produce compared to stale produce.

Even more important is how long ago the coffee was roasted. Go to your grocery store and look to see how many of their coffees have the roast date on the bag. Go ahead, we'll wait. If you found one or two out of the dozens we'd be surprised. Coffee is best within the first three months of being roasted. The big coffee companies don't put dates on their bags because they don't want you to see how long it's been since that coffee made its way through the supply chain.

Seeker Coffee is different. We source our green coffee year round so we know it's as fresh as possible. We also roast according to demand so we don't have coffee that sits around for six months before finding its way to you. In fact, we don't sell coffee that was roasted more than three months ago. For us, it just isn't an option. Not convinced? Try us. We've had so many people tell us we've ruined them for store-bought coffee. The difference is real! Shop now and we'll deliver to your door.

2) Buy whole bean coffee and grind right before you brew.

We offer a variety of grind options when you buy Seeker Coffee, but the default is whole bean. If it were just a question of customer service or convenience, then we'd grind all our coffees before delivery. But it isn't. Once coffee is roasted the clock starts ticking and with every day that passes the coffee becomes a little less flavorful. When coffee is green it has around 250 aroma compounds. After it's roasted, that number skyrockets to over 1000. Many of these compounds are volatile and can be oxidized away. The oxygen in the air literally begins oxidizing away all of the wonderful flavors that were created in the roasting process. A great way to stop this process is to seal the coffee in bags with a one-way valve right after roasting. A great way to accelerate this process is to grind the coffee. Once it is ground, the coffee's surface area increases dramatically, so oxygen has much more access to the bean and can oxidize away those flavors much more quickly. Grinding your own coffee right before you brew it will make an enormous difference in the quality of your coffee.

A brief note about coffee grinders. Stay away from using a spice grinder for grinding coffee. These are the grinders with a blade at the bottom that spins. These produce inconsistent size pieces of coffee, so some of the coffee is over-extracted and some of it is under-extracted. This can lead to odd flavors in the cup. Instead, use a burr grinder that passes the coffee through two cutting discs that face each other. The distance between the two is adjustable and the closer the discs the finer the coffee will be. This makes for very consistently ground coffee and much better cup of coffee.

Still have questions? Send us a message and we'll be happy to answer them!

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